Adventure Starts in the Mind - How to Start Getting Outdoors More

Now that most Australian states are Covid-light or free from the virus, it’s time to start getting outdoors more - it’s healthier anyway, and you’re less likely to catch Covid in the open air out in the bush even if it is in your area. And yes, adventure starts in the mind, so it’s also time to start dreaming about your next escapade, maybe pushing the fear envelope a little as well?

If you’re someone who plays professional or local sport, you are bound to be fit enough for an extreme adventure and it’s a good idea to do something completely different to vary your exercise program or training. A brisk trek in an alpine area or a long walk in the desert will refresh and reboot your body and mind.

All you need is a spoonful of inspiration, a dash of commitment and a sprinkling of imagination, and before long you’re out the door and at that moment you’re setting off on your own big adventure! But here’s a tip: don’t get caught up in the travelling or you’ll do more sitting than adventuring, more seeing sights through car or train windows than getting out in the fresh air.

Maybe Get Fit Before You Go?

If you’re lusting after an active holiday or adventure, it helps to be fit, though it’s not obligatory. You’ll be fitter when you get home, depending on what you get up to, but a few weeks of walking or gym, before you go, might mean you have just that much more fun. Even if your adventure doesn’t entail kayaking down the rapids or abseiling down a cliff, toning up those muscles will add to your pleasure.

Where to Go, What to Do

That’s easy. Either let your imagination loose, plan your trip on Pinterest, pick up a brochure from your local travel agency, search Facebook or Instagram or just Google Australian adventures and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Why not get together with some girlfriends and organise a trek through the Simpson Desert on camels? And there’s nothing more fun than going camping in the Grampian Ranges with your family or chasing brumbies on horseback in the Snowy Mountains.

Oh, the joys of a campfire at night and sleeping in a swag with the stars a blanket of clear brilliance above! Even a longer jaunt in a caravan up to Northern Australia will reinvigorate you - the point is having fun, clearing the city or suburban cobwebs from your brain and challenging your comfort zone. You’d be amazed by what trekking in the mountains or just a change of scenery can do for your physical and mental health, your confidence and motivation as well.

Book an Australian Adventure Tour

A tour guide can lead you to the secret spots known only to locals so if you’re into extreme adventures, a good guide can provide equipment, advise you on the right clobber make sure you’re safe and have a fabulous experience.

Okay, so you might not be as fit as you’d like to be. It doesn’t matter. It’s a mind over matter thing, so don’t expect yourself to hike to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko (Australia’s highest peak) if you’ve spent the past year sitting on your butt. Just kidding. But if you’re inexperienced, you can either go for a guided hike at your pace or if you’re experienced, a totally knackering climb.

Australia, Land of Adventure and Beauty

We live in the most amazing country in the world and too many of us only see it through a television screen. From the amazing Northern Territory where you can watch the magical transformation of Uluru at sunset or sunrise to an untamed expanse of forests, escarpments and swimming holes, beaches, rivers and forests, wedged between the stunning Kakadu National Park and the Gulf of Carpentaria. And that’s only one Australian state.

You can climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, bushwalk in beautiful Tasmania, explore the wonders of Queensland’s Daintree, or the Great Barrier Reef. In Victoria, there are many wonders such as the 12 Apostles, the Pink Lake in Western Australia, or South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.

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