Top 6 Beginner Tips on becoming an AFLW Fan

Top 6 Beginner Tips on becoming AFLW Fans By Trae McGovern, Founder of TheASW January 2019

We are now heading into our 3rd season of the AFLW so it’s time we get serious about showing our support for our female athletes and sporting teams. I’ll admit, prior to the AFLW I hadn’t really watched a lot of Australian Football. My first experience was when I moved from the NSW Hunter Valley to Western Australia during the Mining boom. It literally was all that was on TV. It was also around the time the AFL’s golden boy Ben Cousins started to lose his way due to drug addiction. It was a sad yet intriguing time for a game that was so foreign to me. Drawing from this experience I realised that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, the state you live in or what sport you follow.

Supporting the AFLW, football fan or not, is about supporting female athletes so that we too can be part of the push for equality and so that our daughters and granddaughters can make career choices within the sporting industry and be able to stand on their own two feet. These athletes will become our kids hero’s and inspire generation upon generation of Australian sporting greats.

So here are The ASW Top 6 Beginner Tips on becoming an AFLW Fan

  1. Togetherness is key so organise a catch up with your pose (i.e. Café for coffee, Bar for a beer/wine/cocktail or start a Messenger Chat)

  2. Have a discussion on the importance of being strong, healthy role models for the little sports girls around you, and the need to promote womens sport, starting with the AFLW season, by either attending matches LIVE or getting together to view the broadcast on Channel7 from your couch or from a booth at your local Sports Bar/Cafe.

  3. Emotionally engage with AFLW by choosing a team to support. This can be tricky for beginners so you have a few options here: 1. select a team that is closest to where you live 2. select a team that has signed athletes you admire or 3. find a team jersey that has your favourite colours in it.

  4. Attend matches or find out broadcasting details on the events calendar page at

  5. Signs! Show your commitment by designing some cool signs to really get behind those athletes you admire.

  6. Wear a smart casual Embroidered Polo by The ASW and “make your way to the match in style". With $1 from each order going towards “The ASW Sports Girl Scholarship Program”.

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