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Sarah Frances Durack
Sarah Frances "Fanny" Durack (27 October 1889 – 20 March 1956), also known by her married name Fanny Gately, was an Australian competition swimmer. From 1910 until 1918 she was the world's greatest female swimmer across all distances from freestyle sprints to the mile marathon. Sarah won Australia's first ever women's gold medal at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Olympics.
Shirley Strickland
Shirley Barbara de la Hunty AO, MBE (née Strickland; 18 July 1925 – 11 February 2004), known as Shirley Strickland during her early career, was an Australian athlete. She won more Olympic medals than any other Australian in running sports.
Dawn Fraser
Dawn Fraser is an Australian freestyle champion swimmer and former politician. She is one of only three swimmers to have won the same Olympic individual event three times – in her case the women's 100-metre freestyle. Within Australia, she is often known for her controversial behaviour as much as for her athletic ability.
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson enters the Australian Sports Hall of Fame for her decorated career in Women's Basketball.
Ashley Barty
Ashleigh Barty has credited the "unconditional love" from her parents for her Hollywood-style rise to world number one tennis player.

Key points:

This was Barty's third straight Newcombe Medal win
She finishes the year as world number one after winning the French Open and the WTA Finals
She also earned over $10 million prize money in 2019
The humble superstar paid a heartfelt tribute to her mother Josie, father Robert and first coach Jim Joyce after winning the Newcombe Medal for the third str
Westfield Matildas
The Australian women’s soccer team took out top spot on the BenchMark EC Ladder, a survey conducted by True North Research to gauge the emotional connection fans have with their teams. It’s the second successive year that a national women’s sporting team has taken out the No.1 ranking after the women’s rugby sevens side (second this season) took out top spot last year.
Rhiannon Iffland
Rhiannon Iffland is from Nords Wharf, and she is smashing records all over the world for the unique, and exhilarating sport of cliff diving.

She's just sealed her 4th World title with one event left to go in the series, after a jump from a bridge in Bosnia Hertzigovina earned her four perfect 10's from the judges.
Tracey Hannah
Tracey is Australia's Elite MTB World Champion.
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones is Australia's first Open Women's World Champion in water Skiing.
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